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Dead Promised before Xmas and nothing shipped. Tried to call phones are off tried to email no response.

I decided to leave a comment on the Facebook under pics. I seen lots of negative comments of people in the same boat as me. Went back to see if they responded there and all negative comments are deleted. I can understand if something happened and they can’t make deadline but to not even send email and say I’m sorry your shipment won’t be there JUST IGNORE US.

They have time to look at Facebook and get the negative off.

How about you spend time emailing your costumers you screwed over that needed these orders for Xmas presents. Personalizing something means they took a little extra time for this special present and it means something to them and you guys do this to all of your customers is just Bullshit AWFUL!!!

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I was looking at purchasing Craft Master Furniture from a very fine reputable dealer in my area. I am so glad I saw the reviews.

I am not purchasing any Craft Master Furniture. Thanks for the review.

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